4505 // Sea Salt Cracklins 3 oz

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Ingredients: Pork Cracklings, Sea Salt - Fried in Rendered Pork Fat View full description



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Sea Salt Cracklins are rendered in pork fat and seasoned to perfection with nothing but Sea Salt.

The Cracklins are a heartier, crunchier, more flavor-forward pork rind that appeals to pork enthusiasts everywhere. 


More Product Information:

  • Hormone-Free
  • Antibiotic-Free
  • Humanely Raised - Pork raised on family farms in a stress free environment that produces natural behavior and socialization.  
  • Coconut-Free
  • Low FODMAP
  • Made in a facility that is FREE of Gluten, Peanuts, Tree Nuts and Dairy

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4505 Meats
4.00 Ounces

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Best By: January, 18, 2022


8 Reviews

  • Posted by Jsal on Sep 13th 2021



    Great as a snack, on salads like croutons, or used as a breading for meat. So versatile and good. Very light, not oily or pork(y) at all!

  • Posted by Michelle on Feb 12th 2021


    Definitely buy again

    Loved these. Tastes like crunchy pork rinds. I will definitely buy again.

  • Posted by Casey D on May 27th 2020



    These pork cracklins are delicious! I have been on a strict diet (for health reasons) for a year and I was dying for a snack that wasn’t meat or veggies. These were so good. I wish you got more for the cost. 3oz for almost 5$ is a bit steep! I would buy them more often, but I just can’t justify the cost v.s. the amount you get. However, they really are good so I will probably grab them again from time to time.

  • Posted by Sandy R. on Apr 21st 2020


    Named Cracklin's For a Reason!

    I have tried soo many pork rinds, puffs, chicharrones, whatever they are labled. I am looking for solid crunch, not air puff, and not so much mushy fried fat part I need to scoop it out with a knife. These aren't too salty, which is great, great crunch which I love, and not just a puffy air pork fluff. If that's what you like, than these are not for you. I just wish they made a bigger bag. I only seem to have the small snack size bag available anywhere in the midwest! What a shame. Even buying online can't seem to find the normal size, when Costco carries a mega size but only in chili flavor. Wish SOMEONE offered that in these awesome cracklins!!! My FAVE!!!

  • Posted by Lyndsey on Mar 15th 2020


    Very dense for a rind

    The flavor is there but I didn't care so much for the way they're cooked. These are a denser rind that looks like I'm eating a piece of fried squid sometimes. If you have dental work, do not get these. My husband is a mega rind lover and passed these up after eating a few pieces.

  • Posted by Elizabeth on Oct 8th 2019


    My go-to!

    The best texture and flavor of any pork rinds I've tried yet. They are high in protein and satisfy my need for a crunchy snack.

  • Posted by Amy on Oct 7th 2019


    4505 Sea Salt Cracklins

    These are so yummy and very crunchy. I was sorry to see the end of the bag.

  • Posted by Erin Cox on Jul 14th 2018


    Great crunchy snack

    The modest pork rind gets a makeover! These are super crunchy and make for a simple snack (also great ground up and used for breading).