AiPeazy // Pizza Crust Mix 10.3 oz

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Ingredients: Tapioca Flour, Organic Ground Tigernuts, Organic Coconut Flour, Baking Soda, Cream of Tartar, Himalayan Pink Salt View full description



Formally Known as ROOTS Flatbread Pizza Crust Mix

New Name, Same Great Product!


This allergen friendly tigernut, tapioca and coconut blend pizza crust mix makes two 11" pizzas.  It's EASY!  Just add water.


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  • Manufactured in a dedicated gluten-free facility on shared equipment that uses tree nuts.

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12.00 Ounces

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12 Reviews

  • Posted by Cyndi on Feb 27th 2021


    Nailed it!!!!!

    I have been searching for an AIP crust for years and this was my last attempt! I have had it for over a month and was anxious to try it cuz if it was horrible, I was giving up! This is the BEST AIP pizza crust I have found and I am PSYCHED to start to explore more topping options. I will bake the crust for longer and thin it out a bit more but the taste is lovely!!!! You won’t be sorry your tried this!!!!

  • Posted by Unknown on Feb 16th 2021


    Bringing some normalcy to AIP

    This dough is the closest semblance to a gluten-filled pizza crust or hamburger bun we've found. It's quick and easy to make and adding seasonings to the crust adds some variety

  • Posted by Jennifer Baxter on Feb 15th 2021


    AiPeazy Pizza Crust Mix

    I really loved the flavor of this mix. I used truffle-olive oil to mix in, and it was delicious! the edges were crispy and the middle was a little soft. Going forward I know if I want it to be more crispy, Ill need to make it uniformly thin. I'll definitely repurchase.

  • Posted by Angelina G. on Jan 7th 2021



    I was surprised how easy this was to make! Really good with Pesto and toppings!

  • Posted by Bee W on Aug 27th 2020


    Thrilled this is AIP!

    Made this for my daughter and I. Texture is chewy like traditional gluten crust and filling. I plan to make buns for the next package. Really great and versatile! Just remember if you want seasoning to add to the mix before baking...we forgot! Makes a soft crust that holds up to toppings and you can pick it up. Definitely worth buying and making..really easy to make!

  • Posted by Julie on Jul 14th 2020



    I really enjoyed having pizza again! I topped it with AIP BBQ sauce, chopped red onion, diced grilled chicken, and diced AIP bacon.

  • Posted by Meg H on Jun 5th 2020


    AiPeazy Pizza Crust Mix

    It has been many, many years since I have had pizza. When I used the AiPeazy Pizza Crust Mix, both my husband and myself were thrilled. I used No Mato sauce and browned some ground pork. Then I sautéed mushrooms, onions, zucchini and spinach and added them to the pizza with some nutritional yeast for a little cheesy flavor. Yum, yum, yum. I didn't give it a 5 because there is a learning curve for figuring out how to work with the dough, but it's worth it! I buy this product regularly.

  • Posted by Katie on Nov 23rd 2019


    Pizza is Back!!!

    Even if I choose to allow a treat of gluten and dairy, I cannot choose to have nightshades (tomato, peppers, etc.) This means eating at a pizza shop is just out of the question, forever. So if I'm going to make pizza at home, I might as well stick with an AIP version and not risk the rest of the junk, right? This is the very first pizza crust, recipe or mix, that has worked for me. I followed the directions exactly. I did line my cookie sheet with parchment paper, and I had no issues with the crust sticking to the pan. I did take an extra step, and simmer the jarred tomato sauce on the stove for a bit so that it was thicker and less watery. This may have improved the overall pizza significantly, since there was less chance it would make the crust soggy. I cooked the crust first, then added sauce and cooked until it looked "done" . Because of a regional pizza style, I added cold cheese (real dairy cheese for my occasional splurge) to the hot pizza, cut in, and took a bite. It was most certainly the closest thing I'd had to pizza in two+ years! Since my first go-round, I've learned that I can divide the crust into smaller portions using my kitchen scale, because it doesn't re-heat perfectly. Fine, but not perfectly. I also added a Chomps Italian Style Beef stick, chopped, for some pepperoni flavor (available here!) I did learn that these need to be rolled out pretty thinly. Too thick, and it's just doughy in the middle. Using a small cookie sheet allowed me to just take the dough to the edges of the pan, making for a crispy crust all the way through!

  • Posted by Sue on Nov 19th 2019


    Pizza Made Easy!

    I admittedly never make my own pizza because having to make the crust from scratch is a pain, so I decided to try this mix and was glad that I did. It's not perfect, but it was so nice to have a pizza. I wished that there were measurements to divide it up to make only 1 pizza at a time, rather than the 2 the mix makes. I'm cooking for 1, and although I did make the 2 pizzas, I found they did not reheat as well as I would like as the crust got a bit soggy. Would definitely prefer to make it fresh another time. I found the dough a bit sticky to work with and get flat on the pan. I had to keep wetting my hands to make it work, and it wasn't even close to being round - ended up being a misshapen mess. Didn't make it taste any different, but I could not get a neat looking pizza. I was pleased that the crust held up and wasn't soggy (the first time I made it). However, I had an issue when I ate half of one pizza and let the rest sit for awhile. The sauce and oil I used did end up soaking through the pizza dough a bit after sitting for an hour, and it became like glue - the crust just did not want to come up off the baking pan! I had to use a knife to stab at it to get it loose on the edges, and then the rest came up. This did not happen fresh out of the oven, but only after it sat for awhile. It's not something I'd make all the time, but it tastes good and I did repurchase it. Looking forward to playing with it.