AiPeazy // Tigernut Waffle & Pancake Mix 13.1 oz

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Ingredients: Organic Ground Tigernuts, Tapioca Flour, Cream of Tartar, Baking Soda View full description



This allergen friendly tigernut and tapioca flour blend waffle and pancake mix shouldn't be missed! It's EASY! Just add Oil & Milk (Coconut Milk works Great!)


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  • Manufactured in a dedicated gluten-free facility on shared equipment that uses tree nuts.

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14.00 Ounces

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Best By: December 08, 2021


22 Reviews

  • Posted by Stacey on Jan 24th 2021


    Texture is Spot On

    I thought the texture of these waffles was spot on. My daughter, who loves Kodiak Cake waffles, tried it and liked it. The taste is something to get used to, but I ate it with blueberries and it was a great treat.

  • Posted by Alex Jewett on Jan 21st 2021


    Better than normal pancakes!!

    I LOVE this pancake and waffle mix! After going AIP I was missing bread and pancakes so much - and honestly this is even better than normal pancakes. It's fluffy, sweet, light, and has a unique taste. I eat a pancake almost every day now :)

  • Posted by Barbara Coppernoll on Jan 17th 2021


    Only place I can find it.

    Love this!

  • Posted by Sunny SoCal AIP on Jan 5th 2021


    Not bad but not great

    I followed the instructions on the bag but the batter didn’t turn out as described. I ended up having to add a lot more water than was instructed to get the batter to thin out and it didn’t make as many pancakes as it says. However, if you’re in a crunch for time, these are convenient and tastes good.

  • Posted by Lynn on Dec 20th 2020


    Healthy breakfast

    Made these fir my husband and myself and they were delicious. Used a little more ingredients than the directions required to make a full waffle but we both really enjoyed them.

  • Posted by Ashley Ward on Dec 16th 2020


    Tasty, but I didn't get 6 servings

    These are quite tasty with fruit and maple syrup, especially considering the alternatives. They are a bit of a science experiment to make due to odd measurements of oil and coconut milk, but other than that they were quite simple. They are grainy. My only complaint was that the back of the package stated there were significantly more servings than there actually were. I was able to make 4 servings, but if I remember right, the back of the package said there were six. I followed the directions exactly, so I was confused by this.

  • Posted by HEIDI MARIE MEYERS on Oct 28th 2020


    Love it

    I started off with my waffle maker at medium heat until it seemed to be mostly cooked, then turned the heat up to max to get it nice and crispy. It worked great and the waffle was sooo good! I'm definitely buying this again!

  • Posted by Sandra Schmandt on Oct 25th 2020


    Great for pancakes

    Made fantastic pancakes! Loved them.

  • Posted by Jessica on Oct 6th 2020


    Go-to breakfast

    I use this mix as a pancake alternative. They mix up and cook well. They have a nutty flavor and a flaky consistency that reminds me of waffles. I eat them with some fruit and it keeps me full until lunchtime.