Aroy-D // Coconut Milk 100% Pure 33.8 oz

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This is the most truly paleo compliant coconut milk on the market, because it's the only one that is both BPA-Free and without gum fillers. 


More Product Information:

  • No Guar Gum or other fillers
  • BPA free packaging
  • According to Monash UHT coconut milk is low FODMAP at 125ml (1/2 cup) 
  • Ideal for baking, cooking, and preparing with raw food dishes.
  • Note: refrigerate *after* opening. If you refrigerate before opening it is difficult to blend it. 

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40.00 Ounces

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Best By: November 10, 2021

10 Reviews

  • Posted by L Payne on Oct 1st 2020


    Truly coconuty

    The texture is about 4x thicker than cow's milk so I can't personally drink it right out the cup but paired with the Aipeazy waffle mix, I think this product is a great addition to get that perfect baker's fluff.

  • Posted by Unknown on Sep 30th 2020


    Creamy and Smooth coconut milk

    How do they keep it creamy instead of separating in the fridge? The family agrees a little goes a long way as a great coffee creamer.

  • Posted by Jeannie on Jan 10th 2020


    Coconut Milk

    My favorite milk, creamy, great taste and the best service!

  • Posted by Jeannie on Dec 27th 2019



    This is the best coconut milk out of all the brands. Shop Aip is my favorite place to shop. Excellent customer service!

  • Posted by Wendy on Oct 31st 2019


    AROY-D // COCONUT MILK 100% PURE 33.8 OZ

    Rich and creamy; so yummy.

  • Posted by Eileen on Jul 18th 2019


    No Aluminum Leaching

    The review which mentioned potential aluminum toxicity concerned me, so I did some research. Tetra-packs are multilayered packs, and aluminum is one of the interior layers to prevent heat damage and spoilage. However, it has 2 layers of polyethylene between it and the coconut milk. This prevents the aluminum from leaching into the milk. Polyethylene is a bpa-free plastic that is considered to be non-leaching. The plastic is required to make the packaging liquid tight and protect against microorganisms. For anyone who wants to avoid all packaging, there are recipes online to help you make coconut milk at home which you can then store in glass jars. That's ideal, but for a packaged product that's time-saving, Aroy-D remains one of my favorites.

  • Posted by Carol on Jul 12th 2019


    Aroy-D coconut milk

    Delicious as a morning treat with Carob and a frozen banana!

  • Posted by tan on Mar 27th 2019


    Metallic feeling on teeth

    I’ve used this product for one year. My family and I use in smoothies. Great consistency, taste and pour-ability! The negative is the lining of the containers. It leaves a horrible metallic feel on your teeth. When we use this product, we all wake up with teeth sensitivity, like a metallic sensitivity on our teeth. It took months to make the connection. AROY-D should use a safe non metallic liner in this carton. We had to stop using due to toxicity. And teeth sensitivity it causes. After waking up this morning - my teeth hurt. Then I remembered I used 1/2 a cup of this coconut milk in my smoothie yesterday (with berries and spinach). I forgot that this coconut milk makes me teeth hurt, sensitive and Metallicy feel. The aluminum lining must leech into the milk. :( My husband and both daughters agree. They never made the connection but I did after almost a year of use. The company should use a different liner. Or no liner. No longer will be using for my family.

  • Posted by Unknown on May 10th 2018


    Convenient & Delicious

    Not only does this coconut milk taste great, you can use what you want, throw the rest in a mason jar, and you don't have to deal with can upon can of more coconut milk!