Bloom // 100% Raw Avocado Varietal Honey 16 oz

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Ingredients: U.S. Grade A Raw Honey View full description


Bloom’s California Avocado honey is a rare gourmet honey that has a smooth flavor with a subtle hint of avocado. Use in cooking or try a beauty mask for your skin.

Product Information:

  • 100% Raw
  • Unfiltered and unpasteurized
  • Nectar from the superfood California Avocado is high in antioxidants and vitamins & minerals.
  • Raw honey never spoils but will crystallize over time. This is proof of its purity. Either enjoy the crystallized honey as a spread – it's less messy! Or to liquefy it, gently heat the jar in warm water. Do not place the jar in boiling water – it will hurt the quality of the honey. Store at room temperature.

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24.00 Ounces

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