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Bacon's Heir // Pork Panko 12 oz

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Flaky, crispy, panko "bread" crumbs made exclusively from finely ground pork rinds. Finely ground panko bread crumb made from pork rinds, are also known as chicharrones. No seasoning is added other than rock salt to allow a blank palette for your high protein, low-carb recipes. Oil is drained after production to help Pork Panko work more like normal flour.

INGREDIENTS: Pork Rinds (cooked in pork fat), Salt

Additional Information

Additional Information

• AIP Elimination Stage
• Paleo & Whole30 Compliant
• <5g Net Carbs
• Coconut-Free

About the Brand

About the Brand

Bacon’s Heir is reintroducing the world to the simple wonder of the pork rind through our Pork Panko pork rind crumbs. Made with only two ingredients, Pork Panko emphasizes the power of a single ingredient to transform echelons of dishes we all take for granted as being necessarily unhealthy.
With more protein per ounce than beef jerky, no carbohydrates, and a high tolerance for heat, Pork Panko upends the very verbiage of the "breading" category. Pork Panko adds an umami crisp to any dish without the glutinous guilt.

How to Enjoy

It is the perfect replacement for breadcrumbs.

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