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The first and only place to buy AIP products online

Balm of Gilead // Cedar & Black Spruce Cream 4 oz

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An unprecedented infusion of cedarwood and black spruce, this Complete Care Cream provides essential moisture FOR MEN - nourish and support a growing beard, soothe and moisturize the skin and body, quickly apply a light hold for the hair. This cream doubles as a potent and effective aftershave, soothing and calming the skin, powered by New Zealand Manuka & Australian Tea Tree oils. 

INGREDIENTS: Grass-Fed Tallow, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Fruit Oil, Organic Cera Alba (Beeswax), Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Abies Siberica (Siberian Fir Needle), Juniperus Virginiana (Cedarwood), Picea Mariana (Black Spruce), Melaleuc

Additional Information

Additional Information

Yes, this cream is one-of-a-kind! Nutrient-dense. All Natural. Made just for men. Strikingly similar to your skin’s natural oils, it is non-greasy and readily absorbed yielding a superior penetration and lasting effect. Use daily as needed. Apply to wet skin or dry. Just a dab - a little bit goes a long way. Readily absorbed.

About the Brand

About the Brand

Balm of Gilead was established in 2013, almost by accident it would seem. At the re-awakening of the tallow-based skin care in the last couple years, a small family company stumbled upon the overwhelming benefit of tallow. The first product was simply made by necessity: a baby balm for a good friend's newborn. The result was almost too good to be true, it was unprecedented.

Today, they're found in hundreds of stores across North America (US & Canada). And yet, they're adamant in maintaining their old ways - purity, detail, and care. They still manufacture everything in their own facility, meticulously proving every batch.


Body, Beard, Aftershave, Hair