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The first and only place to buy AIP products online
The first and only place to buy AIP products online

Bare Fruit // Organic Cinnamon Apple Chips 3 oz

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Sweet. Crunch. Naturally delicious. Go ahead and enjoy these naturally sweet cinnamon apple chips.

    INGREDIENTS: Organic Apples, Organic Cinnamon

    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    • AIP Elimination Stage
    • Paleo Compliant
    • Certified Organic
    • Non-GMO Verified
    • Coconut-Free
    • USA Grown Apples
    • Baked, Never Fried
    • Coconut Free

    About the Brand

    About the Brand

    Born of the simple idea that less is more, they started slicing and baking apples at the family farm in Washington. From there, word of these surprisingly crunchy snacks quickly caught on and they began stocking local shops and markets.

    Their Values:
    Simplicity: We believe less is more, in snacking and beyond
    Goodness: A snack should not only taste good, but also be good for you
    Be Real: We bake it just as nature made it, all we add is the crunch
    Live Fully: It’s the simple things that bring the most joy to everyday life

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