EPIC // Rendered Organic Chicken Fat 11 oz

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An easy to grab ingredient to always keep on-hand in the kitchen. EPIC Organic Chicken Fat can be used as a butter replacement, and in recipes such as roasted veggies, fried chicken, and home-style gravy.

EPIC proudly introduces a line of chef-choice animal based fats guaranteed to transport your culinary adventures to new realms of nourishment and time honored cooking. A staple cooking fat cherished by generations before, our rendered animal fats are a trusted, pure and stable option. Enjoy a superior cooking fat with seemingly endless limits, just like your culinary imagination. 

From nose to tail, EPIC Provisions is committed to honoring and utilizing all aspects of the animal. With the newest addition of animal cooking fats, we are furthering our commitment to what we call the “EPIC Whole Animal Project.” Time–tested by our great–great–great grandparents, we are bringing animal fats back into the kitchen where they belong!


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  • The Whole Animal Project: In efforts to honor the brilliant animals EPIC Provisions sources, our traditional cooking fat allows us to use more of the whole animal. This “beak to tail” commitment creates more nourishing food from spectacular creatures and produces less waste.
  • Although EPIC does not make blanket statements about their facility being free from allergens, they do have processes in place to help avoid cross contamination by following proper segregation and sanitation processes at each facility.
  • Traditional Uses: Butter Replacement, Homestyle Gravy, Asian Stir Fry, Matzo Ball Soup, Roasted Veggies, Fried Chicken, Flaky Pie Crusts, Anything Baked!

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