What is AIP?

ShopAIP was inspired by, and based upon, the Paleo Auto-Immune Protocol diet. We still use the Paleo, Auto-Immune Protocol Elimination Phase and its four stages of reintroduction as the guiding light of our store. We have added options like Whole30, low-Carb, low-FODMAP, and many other designations to continue to help our customers easily and quickly find the foods that are right for them.

We like to more broadly think of AIP as Anti-Inflammatory Products. We believe anyone looking to mitigate and/or prevent symptoms and disease processes caused by inflammation can benefit from shopping at ShopAIP. What are some of the symptoms and health issues that can be caused by or exacerbated by inflammation?

Autoimmune disorders, heart disease, depression, some cancers, brain fog, fatigue, joint and muscle pain have all been linked to chronic inflammation. Scienists are still discovering all the ways in which chronic inflammation is causing and/or exacerbating symptoms and disease.

It is important to remember that eating lots of vegetables and a reasonable portion of healthy meat, coupled with health fats and oils is key. Although ShopAIP provides lots of healthy alternatives for standard american diet (SAD) foods, that doesn't mean we don't believe in FRESH foods as being the most important staple in our diet. Our snack and prepared foods are meant to make living with this diet day-to-day much easier. We have safe alternatives for what you crave, on-the-go snacks for when you can't be home and near a kitchen and pre-made sauces, seasonings, soups and broths to help make eating fresh, high quality food delicious and easy.

Who Created ShopAIP and Why?

Sandra's Storyrsz-z3a4242hr.png

Founder, Sandra Dorst, knows well about change and acceptance. Diagnosed with Anti-Synthetase Syndrome (ASS) at the age of 38, Sandra found herself suddenly confronted with an extremely rare, chronic, debiliating and often fatal autoimmune condition. This disease targeted and compromised her lungs, muscles, heart, joints, and skin. For Sandra, a happily married mother of three young children, this diagnosis meant life as she knew it would never be the same. It meant a future of scheduling endless medical visits, lugging oxygen tanks, and enduring doses of prednisone, which promised uncomfortable side effects and high risk for other medical issues. And, of course, it meant emotional upheaval.

Through modern medicine and other lifestyle changes, Sandra had seen many unexpected improvements, but she was still riddled with chronic and debilitating pain, fatigue and brain fog. She was confronted with the need to change her diet many times after she was diagnosed. She always found changing other parts of her lifestyle much easier than her diet. She initially focused on exercise, sleep health and managing stress. Finally, when her routine and medication schedule stabilized and her symptoms became predictable, Sandra was ready to commit to the Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP) diet.

She secretly wished the diet would fail her because it's a challenging task to eliminate foods and replace them with unfamiliar ones. "Food is such a source of comfort for many, but for those fighting illness, it's sometimes all they have to look forward to." Thankfully, wishes don't always come true. Instead, the AIP diet turned Sandra's whole life around.


In the beginning, however, Sandra was frustrated. She complained to her husband about how difficult, confusing and time consuming it was to find compliant food. He suggested she be the one to create a store. Sandra realized her husband was right. Having an entrepreneurial background, extensive experience in supply-chain logistics, and knowledge of the Auto-Immune Protocol diet, she knew she could do it. From that moment forward, she worked diligently to open the first store that specialized in Anti-Inflammatory Products.

In addition to ShopAIP, Sandra launched a personal blog soon after diagnosis. Although she doesn't have much time anymore for updates. It is a raw and personal account from the time of diagnosis through the launch of ShopAIP. It can be found at She created and led a local support group for those with chronic illness and/or pain. She was a member of the Tahoe Forest Non-Malignant Chronic Pain Advisory Board. Sandra had also joined the Tahoe Forest Patient and Family Advisory Council. She is a trained leader in Stanford University's Chronic Disease and Chronic Pain Self-Management Program and leads groups locally on an annual basis.

"I can help others to be inspired to take control of the lives and health in all the ways still possible."


How Does the ShopAIP Rewards Program Work?

ShopAIP is in the process of changing the way we reward our loyal customers. All customers that had rewards points by July 14, 2021 were sent an email with a coupon code that is good through Labor Day. Although we haven't yet announced how our new rewards program will work, please know that all your purchases from July and moving forward will be counted towards the new program.

We appreciate your patience while we determine the best way to reward you.

Why are so many products Out of Stock?

Once again Covid has delivered some unexpected problems. Due to high demands (people are stocking up!) there have been an unusually high number of products we stock that are out of stock at the manufacturer and/or distributor level. This has been happening for two reasons: one it is a simple supply and demand issue. More people demanding the products than were made, or have the capacity to be made, to serve the demand. The 2nd issue is that the ingredients to make certain products have been hard to acquire, therefore making it impossible for manufacturers to get their products made.

One other issue that ShopAIP has experienced is that we work with a lot of small makers. In these cases, sometimes the demand of our customers does not coincide with the production dates of those small makers (that are often on schedules that are out of their hands). We are doing everything we can to help remedy this by working with those suppliers by monitoring our needs and planning around their production dates.

If you have any questions about these issues, please feel free to reach out to

Again, we appreciate your continued patiences and understanding during these unprecedented times.

Where is my order and why is it late?

All carriers have been experiencing shipping delays. Some might be better in your area than others, but overall we've seen shipping times increase across the board. This is due to several factors coliding at ones. Covid has not only impacted working conditions and on its own caused issues for carriers, but it has also increased the overall demand for products to be shipped. This demand has further been increased with the 2nd Covid surge, which is coinciding with the always demanding holiday season.

We are truly sorry for how these shipping delays can cause stress and frustration in your life. If you feel your package has been unusually delayed or suspect it has been lost, please reach out to us. As the shippers, you may think that we have special connection to the carriers or can get more infomation than you can. This is unforntunately not true. However, we will take special notice to track your package with you to see if it continues to make movement or if it has been lost long enough for us to be able to make a claim and reship your order.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in these trying times. Please feel free to reach out to or call us at 775-686-6696 if you believe your order has been lost.

What are your US Shipping and Returns Policies?


US Shipping (Except for Alaska and Hawaii)

ShopAIP now has contracts with more major carriers. For our Standard Free Shipping for orders over $49 we will use the carrier that is the least expensive, which is dependent on where you live and the size and weight of the order. Standard Free Shipping should arrive between 2-7 business days. We now are able to provide you quotes if you wish to choose your particular carrier or expedite your shipment.

Alaska and Hawaii and Overseas Military Shipping

We unfortunately are unable to provide Free Standard Shipping to these areas. We now provide real-time shipping quotes so that you may choose the best option. For military, USPS will be the only option.

US Returns Policy

You may return most new, unopened items within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. We'll also pay the return shipping costs if the return is a result of our error (you received an incorrect or defective item, etc.). In most cases if you are returning an item due to diet changes or change of mind, the shipping cost back to us may be greater than the refund. Please contact us so that we may discuss this ahead of time.

We work hard to prevent breakage during shipments. Unfortunately, there is not a way to 100% eradicate the risk. If you find an item has been damaged in transit, please contact us so that we may send you a replacement or provide a refund.

If you wish to return the product for any other reason, you will be required to ship the unused items back at your expense to receive a refund.

Please reach out to us directly at or by calling 757-686-6696 to discuss any issues with your order or products or any needs for a product return. How these are handled are done on a case-by-case basis depending on the reason for the return, the item and cost of shipping. Please know that we are always here to help and work very hard to ensure your complete satisfaction.

What are your International Shipping and Returns Policies?

International Shipping

We now provide real time shipping quotes for our International customers. In March of 2020 the shipping partner we used to provide incredibly low international shipping rates lost their contracts with FedEx, which in turn meant all of use utilizing them also lost access to those rates. We've been looking for better rates ever since, to no avail. We are now using a variety of companies in hopes of continuing to serve our international community. However, we understand the expense is great.


  • Please keep in mind that buying more at a given time and less frequently will result in a lower overall shipping fees.
  • Please know if there are any products/ingredients your country does not allow to be shipped to you.
    • There are many countries that do NOT allow MEAT PRODUCTS and customers can either have them confiscated by customs or have the entire shipment returned to us.
    • We are not able to provide refunds for any products confiscated by customs or refunds for shipping for shipments sent back to us due to having products that are not allowed to be brought in from a US company.
  • Please note that we do not have any way to contact your country's delivery services. If your tracking shows that your order has arrived into your country, but is not being delivered for any reason, it is your responsiblity to contact your local delivery service to find out how and when to get your order delivered. If your package gets stuck in the US for any reason, we will take on the responsiblity of inquiring with the shipping company about your package.

Current Countries/Continents We Serve. Please reach out if your country is not on this list, but you wish it was.

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Europe (a number of European countries have been added to our list. This is often based upon request. If our system is not allowing you to complete a purchase, please reach out to to see if we are able to include your country)
  • New Zealand
  • United States
  • If your area is currently not being served and you'd like to place an order, please email admin@shopaip and let us know.

International Return Policy

We wish we could be as generous with our return policy with our international customers as we are with our US ones, but the shipping is currently cost prohibitive. If you happen to be on the unlucky receiving end of an incident we will promptly return your funds or issue a store credit, whichever you prefer. If you wish to return the product for any other reason, you will be required to ship the unused items back at your expense to receive a refund, which would likely be cost prohibitive.  


What is the Beneift of Buying a Bundle?

Bundles are a great way to try out products without having to do a lot of shopping on your own. Additionally, all bundles are automatically discounted 5% so it serves as another way to save some money! We would love to hear your ideas for bundles. Feel free to share your bundle ideas with

How Does the Comprehensive Search Feature Work?

Click here to go straight to the search feature!

The comprehensive search feature is set up to further help our customers narrow down just the types of products they wish to see. You can narrow your search down with the following categories:

  • Diet Preferences
  • Category
  • Organic Status
  • GMO Status
  • Further Restrictions
  • Facility Info"
  • Additional Certifications
  • Brand
  • Discounts

What the filter looks like depends on what type of device you are using. On a computer, you can clearly see all the choices and easily click the desired boxes on the left hand side of the search page. On a mobile device, you may have a few extra clicks. Once on the search page, find the "Filter" button. When you click that you should see the categories I've listed above. When you click into each of those categories, it will give you the options you have within each one.

Each choice you made in a different category will further lower the number of products you are shown. Here is a current full list under each category:

  • Diet Preferences
    • AIP Elimination Stage
    • Paleo Certified
    • Paleo Compliant
      • (This means we have done our best to ensure that the ingredients are compliant with Paleo, although it hasn't gone through the more rigorious certification process).
    • Stage 1 AIP Reintro
      • The Elimination Stage of AIP isn't meant to last forever. Once you are ready to try to bring back some of the previously eliminated ingredients, these stages help minimize consuming ingredients that you are not yet able to add back into your diet.
    • Stage 2 AIP Reintro
    • Stage 3 AIP Reintro
    • Stage 4 AIP Reintro
    • Whole30 Approved
    • Whole30 Compliant
      • (This means we have done our best to ensure that the ingredients are compliant with Paleo, although it hasn't gone through the more rigorious certification process).
  • Category
    • This will list all the various types of food categories in case you are looking specificially for snacks vs. seasonings, etc.
  • Organic Status
    • Made with Organic Ingredients
    • Organic Certified
  • GMO Status
    • Made with Non-GMO Ingredients
    • NON-GMO Verified
  • Further Restrictions
    • < 5g Net Carbs
    • Coconut Free
    • Low FODMAPS
  • Facility Info
    • Made in a Dairy Free Facility
    • Made in a Gluten Free Facility
    • Made in a Peanut Free Facility
    • Made in a Tree Nut Free Facility
  • Additional Certifications
    • Fair Trade Certified
    • Gluten Free Certified
    • KETO Certified
    • Kosher Certified
    • Vegan Certified
  • Brand
    • Here you will find a complete list of the brands we carry
  • Discounts

Click here to go straight to the search feature!

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