Farmer's Market // Organic Butternut Squash 15 oz

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Ingredients: Certified Organic Butternut Squash View full description


Thanks to Farmer’s Market Organic Butternut Squash, everyone can enjoy the sweet flavor and silky texture of this rich and popular squash all year long without the hassle…we’ve eliminated the difficulty in preparing it by cracking the “nut” ourselves and creating this amazing and versatile puree. We’re seeing it used more than ever in homemade recipes.  It’s also popping up on more restaurant menus as a featured main dish.

Product Information:

  • Perfect for Soups, Sauces and Other Dishes
  • PBA Free Liner


  • USDA Organic
  • Non GMO
  • Kosher


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Farmer's Market
19.00 Ounces
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Best By: July 2021