Fortuna // Casabi Crackers - Garlic Oil 10.7 oz

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Ingredients: Fresh Cassava Pulp, Natural Garlic, Cracked Parsely, Salt View full description




Our delicious, crispy and crunchy Casabi crackers are produced by the following ecological practices that protect the environment. They are free of artificial ingredients and preservatives. They do not contain gluten, wheat, fat, sugar, cholesterol, lactose, nuts, MSGs and are Non-GMO. 

There are no binders, starches, gums, or softeners. They have 4% fiber and they are enzyme-rich. Our packaging is made of KraftPAK, high-strength fibers renewable cardboard,
valuable in the recycling process and certified biodegradable. Which makes us members of the “Partnership for Green Packaging” of I AM GREEN.

We have tried various ways to ship them, but in the end there is always some breakage that occurs. It is just a delicate product. The good news is that they still taste great and most people enjoy them in pieces even when they arrive intact.  

Casabi crackers are ideal for the healthy and environmentally conscious consumer. They are artisan made and baked in an oven. With four individual sleeves of approximately 18 crackers, a total of 72 crackers to a box. 

To enhance the flavor even more we recommend to add a spritz of olive oil to the crackers and bake in the oven for 3-5 minutes on 350 Degrees.

Shelf life of up to two years in the packaging. Once you open or bake them, they are good to eat for two weeks, stored in a plastic bag or sealed container.
PS. Save crackers crumbs/granules for bread crumbs or panko.


More Product Information:

  • Made with Non-GMO Ingredients
  • Produced by following ecological practices that protect the environment.
  • Free of artificial ingredients or preservatives.
  • Free of: Gluten, wheat, fat, cholesterol, lactose, nuts, MSGs
  • They have 4% fiber and they are enzyme-rich. 
  • They must be cooked at home to complete the baking process. We recommend that the crackers be cooked for five to ten minutes at 350 degrees.
  • Add a drizzle of olive oil and salt to them before cooking.
  • Made in a facility FREE of gluten, dairy, peanuts and tree nuts

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17.00 Ounces

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22 Reviews

  • Posted by Karen Brooks on Apr 15th 2021


    Tasteless/crumble in package easily

    I won’t be purchasing this product again because of the cost, the lack of taste, the crackers was crumbled up into small pieces. Not worth the money!

  • Posted by Angela Angulo on Feb 12th 2021


    Garlic crackers

    These crackers do the job of carb cravings while in elimination phase.

  • Posted by Angela Angulo on Feb 12th 2021


    Garlic crackers

    These crackers do the job of carb cravings while in elimination phase.

  • Posted by Denise Santos on Nov 25th 2020


    Garlic crackers

    Delicious And very filling

  • Posted by HEIDI MARIE MEYERS on Oct 28th 2020


    Really nice

    The garlic flavor is really subtle and the flavor is a little bland by itself. However, my crackers are pretty intact when they arrived. I mix up a tuna salad with a AIP mayo and eat with these crackers and it's SO good. So nice to have crunchy crackers! I will purchase again!

  • Posted by LB on Mar 18th 2020


    Capability garlic crackers

    It is so long since I have had a cracker and I am so happy with these. I didn’t think the garlic was to potent at all. There is some crumbs and fine powder but I saved it up and made chicken nuggets with it and they were so good, I have already reordered these and am going to again soon.

  • Posted by Anjali on Dec 15th 2019



    Tasty crackers and arrived mostly intact!

  • Posted by Jewel on Nov 26th 2019


    Nice garlic taste

    The crackers are nice and crunchy. Great with tuna and are a bit dry .

  • Posted by Natalie on Nov 13th 2019


    Garlic Crackers

    I wanted crackers to go with my meals. I wish I had more time to make dips, baby steps. Yes, these are a bit dry, yes they break in the mail, but ShopAIP does a fantastic job wrapping everything up. I received a damaged package in the mail (thanks postal service), but everything inside was intact. No broken jars, only broken crackers, however it’s not a box full of crumbs, this store does the best packing job I’ve ever seen. And the crackers taste good too!