Fortuna // Casabi Flatbread (Cassava Bread) 7.05oz

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We have tried various ways to ship them, but in the end there is always some breakage that occurs.  It is just a delicate product.  The good news is that they still taste great and most people enjoy them in pieces even when they arrive intact.  

Delicious Crispy, Crunchy Flatbread. 100% Gluten Free, Vegan & Paleo made of a single-ingredient Only! This will definitely hit the spot for everyone not just Gluten Free and Vegans. 


More Product Info:

  • Made in a facility FREE of gluten, peanuts, tree nuts and dairy


Here is a quick recipe: 

Place Casabi on a baking sheet (smooth side up, rough side down)
Drizzle Olive Oil
Add Salt and Rosemary
Bake @ 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes (Avoid using Broil or bread toaster)
Wait 2-3 minutes before serving

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12.00 Ounces

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12 Reviews

  • Posted by Amanda on Dec 12th 2020


    My favorite AIP crackers

    I was so happy to see these back in stock! They are crunchy, filling, and only made from cassava which is great. Also make great breadcrumbs.

  • Posted by Sandra Schmandt on Oct 25th 2020


    Great for crunch!

    Toasting these up with olive oil and spices makes for great croutons for soup or salad!

  • Posted by LB on Apr 2nd 2020


    Casanova Artisan Flat Bread

    I cook these with a little olive oil and some salt and they provide me with a nice crunchy warm treat. They are cracked in places but I don’t mind because I break them up like crackers anyway to cook. What I can’t figure out is how to store what you didn’t eat. Refrigerate or not? I have tried both. This past time I stored them in a plastic container.

  • Posted by LB on Mar 18th 2020


    Casabi Artisan Bread

    These were great. I put a little salt and olive oil on them before toasting. They were crunchy and tasty

  • Posted by Barbara Burak on Aug 8th 2019


    Casabi artisan flat bread

    Crunchier than I expected but okay.

  • Posted by PM on Jul 25th 2019


    These are my go-to

    Casabi flatbreads are my go-to for anytime I need a bread replacement. I eat them with guac and beef for tostadas. Or liver and fig jam to get my offal meat in. Or if you crumble them in a food processor, they make great bread crumbs for chicken fingers. Endless possibilities!

  • Posted by Solane Jenks on Jul 10th 2019


    Love the crunch

    These are so good once you heat them in the oven as instructed and drizzle with olive oil and rosemary! I like to just eat them as a snack or pair it with some soup. Very good, I will continue to purchase.

  • Posted by Patrizia on May 2nd 2019



    Honestly when I opened up my box and saw the flatbread I thought to myself... did I really spend almost $10 on that!???? Fine... I’ll eat it. Made guacamole, baked paleo bacon, put it on top... AMAZING! That being said, I just ordered 3 more flatbreads! Love it!

  • Posted by PM in Berkeley, CA on Mar 10th 2019


    great cracker substitute

    I regularly have these, and can't imagine getting by on AIP without them! Yes, they do sometimes crumble along the edges during shipping, but that's life, and Sandra takes extra care to wrap them individually in bubble wrap. No complaints! These flatbreads are great for having guacamole and bacon on top, or egg salad (a reintroduction for me). I toast them in my toaster, and they're ready to go. You need something spreadable to put on top of these; you wouldn't eat them alone. Other ideas for topings: applebutter, tigernut butter, jam, any of the sauces from Paleo on the Go, and using small pieces as 'oyster crackers' in an AIP version of clam chowder (fantastic recipe for this from the Global Paleo AIP Kitchen e-cook book). Enjoy!