Frontier // Applewood Smoked Sea Salt 2.40 oz

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Frontier® Applewood Smoked Medium Grind Sea Salt is a flaky sea slat that's smoked over true Eastern Washington Applewood at low temperatures.  Aged applewood is one of hte most popular fruit woods used in smoking foods because it yields a dnse, fruity-sweet flavor, unlike most other woods.   



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  • No Iodine
  • Non ETO (ETO, ethylene oxide) is a sterilization chemical commonly used in the spice industry, but never by Frontier Co-op.
  • Non Irradiated


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9.00 Ounces

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1 Reviews

  • Posted by Katie Short on Nov 23rd 2019


    Frontier Smoked Sea Salt

    The first time I used this salt was a bit of a fail. I added maybe two teaspoons to the dry rub for a large pork roast, cooked in an Instant Pot. The roast was good, but none of the smoke flavor came through the rest of the flavors (cinnamon, garlic, white pepper, onion). I started thinking I'd have to use a crap ton of expensive salt to get the result I sought. Not so. I could have used more, but I also could just use this as a finishing salt. If you sprinkle it over your food before eating, you get that smoke flavor! Next time, I added a bit of the salt to the sliced pork on the serving platter. Much better! I don't love a lot of smokey flavor, but this allows me to add just enough to trick my brain into thinking that oven-roasted brisket might have seen a smoker at some point. When you're trying desperately to add flavor to food during elimination, this is fantastic to have available!