Jack's Paleo Kitchen // Lemon Zing Cookies 7 oz (12 Cookies)

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PLEASE SEE BREAKAGE WARNING BELOW // Ingredients: Proprietary Flour Blend (Organic Coconut Flour, Arrowroot Powder, Sweet Potato Flour), Organic Palm Shortening, Honey, Maple Syrup, Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Oil, Baking Soda, Grass-Fed Collag View full description




Due to the lack of fillers and preservatives - these delicious cookies do tend to crumble in transit.  Warmer, summer months exacerbate this issue.  We recommend re-freezing upon arrival and you can even try to re-form if the crumbling has been excessive before putting back into the freezer.  We promise that no matter what you do, the delicious taste is NOT compromised.  Please, if crumbling is unacceptable to you, please refrain from purchase as we cannot issue refunds for this known issue.  We do hope you'll give them a try though, we have been amazed at the flavor despite not having all the yucky ingredients of a typical cookie.


Jack's Paleo Kitchen is a family company creating delicious paleo cookies that are free of all major allergens (except coconut, which is technically defined as a tree nut by the FDA). All their cookies are nut-free (except for coconut), grain-free, dairy-free, egg-free, free of any refined sugars, soy-free and non-GMO. They source high-quality ingredients from our awesome partners.

Product Information:

  • Nut-Free, except Coconut
  • Non-GMO
  • Made with Grass-Fed Collagen
  • Made in a facility free of gluten, dairy, peanuts and tree nuts (except for coconuts)

Storage Guide:

  • Crispy: Store Frozen
  • Chewy: Keep Refrigerated
  • Soft: Store at Room Temperature
  • Warm Temps = Crumbly Cookies


  • Certified Gluten-Free
  • Palm Done Right


ShopAIP stores these cookies in our freezer prior to shipment.  If you also freeze them upon arrival, they have a 9-Month Freezer Life.  They have a 45-Day shelf-life after defrost.






Extra Information

Jack's Paleo Kitchen
9.00 Ounces

22 Reviews

  • Posted by Vanessa West on Apr 19th 2021



    These blew my mind. I keep them in the fridge because when I had them out on the counter at room temp, they tasted like there was weed in them. Keeping them in the fridge fixed that flavor issue.

  • Posted by Lisa on Apr 8th 2021


    Lemony goodness

    This have such a good lemon flavor and I can't believe they're so good for me. I'll definetly buy them again and looking forward to other flavors. Like the molasses ginger ones, I can only eat 2 because of the rich flavor. Enjoy

  • Posted by Keri on Feb 25th 2021



    These saved me! I am the Cookie Cupboard Manager of our area Girl Scouts. January I needed to switch to AIP diet, yes, right before cookies sales. I found these and they are amazing. Soft, chewy and great flavor. They saved me falling off AIP.

  • Posted by Kim on Feb 1st 2021


    My non-AIP husband loves these

    These are great cookies. You wouldn’t even know they’re AIP except that they’re a little dense and crumbly.

  • Posted by Shannon on Jan 12th 2021



    These cookies are SO good. I love all things lemon and these are just fabulous. So flavorful, soft, and didn't crumble, like the warning said they would. Although, even if they would've, I wouldn't have minded because the flavor is just amazing. I will likely continue to purchase these even once I complete AIP

  • Posted by JoAnn Bechard on Jan 4th 2021



    These cookies are so good, I can't even tell I am eliminating food from my diet. I freeze them and let one or two thaw for about 5-7 minutes. Perfect texture! Perfect flavor!

  • Posted by Jessica on Jan 3rd 2021


    Great once frozen

    I love lemon, but when I first tried these cookies they were far too strong. I froze the cookies and now they are quite enjoyable. If you don't mind a harder cookie and like lemon, try them frozen.

  • Posted by Karren on Jan 2nd 2021


    Lemon cookies

    I never expected something So Good from an AIP cookie!!

  • Posted by Rhonda Gaylord on Oct 22nd 2020



    who cares if they crumble! Just squeeze them back together and pop it in your mouth!