Kasandrinos // Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 16.9 oz

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The Kasandrinos family has always known quality olive oil. It’s only natural that as adults, they felt called to share that 100% pure, cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil with friends, family, and the world. That’s how Kasandrinos was born.


Product Information:

  • 100% single source USDA certified Organic Extra Virgin 
  • Always made from the current year’s harvest and cold pressed within 24 hours of harvest using mechanical pressing methods
  • Balanced and slightly peppery in flavor, mellowed by the purity and freshness of hand-picked olives
  • Perfect for cooking at high temperatures, serving plain, in sauces, salad dressings, sautés, and more
  • Experience Kasandrinos in our original “Niata”  bottle, designed by true olive oil purists
  • The dark glass minimizes light exposure, which preserves taste and color while being aesthetically pleasing enough to take its place as a staple on your counter top
  • This 500 ml bottle makes a great gift for friends or family, and features a convenient screw-on cap and built-in pourer
  • We recommend enjoying Kasandrinos olive oil within two years of purchase or 6 months of opening bottle


  • Sustainably sourced
  • EU Kosher certified
  • NonGMO
  • Paleo
  • PGI certified


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Best Buy Date:

November 2020

Extra Information

16.90 Ounces
Shipping Weight:
30 oz
100% single source USDA certified Organic Extra Virgin