KC Natural Bundle

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Ranch Ingredients KC Natural Mustard

Meat & Veggie Seasoning Seasoning Sea Salt Ingredients

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4 Reviews

  • Posted by Rachel Grice on Nov 5th 2021


    I can have spaghetti again!

    I have cut all tomatoes out of my diet. So not salsa on taco night, no spaghetti, no pizza. With the products in this bundle, I was able to have spaghetti again, use the salsa for taco night, and the spaghetti sauce even works great as a pizza base for homemade pizzas! Will continue to order!

  • Posted by Teri on Oct 19th 2021


    great tasting

    I like the products BUT they are NOT organic!!! I'm doing a AIP elimination detox and prefer to select ORGANIC items as to NOT reintroduce the toxins back into my system. So, I will enjoy these delicious products in a very limited manner.

  • Posted by D on Aug 7th 2021


    Great variety

    I love BBQ sauce, marinara, salsa, ketchup. Now I can enjoy them without tomatoes which aggravate arthritis. Love them all! This was a great way to try them all.

  • Posted by Cindie on Jul 30th 2021


    KC Natural Bundle

    Since starting the AIP diet, I was missing condiments for my food so much and was so excited to try this bundle of goodies! The Primal Cherry and Mastodon BBQ sauces are so good! And the Carrup is the most versatile condiment! It's delicious on a burger or as a mild barbecue sauce. Imitation Mustard is great on a burger, on chicken, or as a salad dressing. Carrot Marinara on spaghetti squash is so yummy. And I enjoy dipping my veggies or chicken in the Garden Cherry salsa. I don't have to feel deprived when my family is enjoying barbecued food anymore!