King Arthur Flour // Paleo Baking Flour 16 oz

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Reintro Ingredient: Almonds. Ingredients: Blanched Almonds, Cassava Flour, Organic Coconut Flour View full description


 If you are on Elimination Stage AIP, please do NOT purchase this product. This is a Stage 2 Reintro product based upon Almonds in the ingredients.



Our blend of almond, cassava, and coconut flours is an equal substitute for conventional all-purpose flour in any non-yeasted recipe. With 4 grams each of protein and fiber per serving, it’s a nutritional powerhouse. It has three simple ingredients: almonds, cassava, and coconut and no preservatives. That’s it! Just the good stuff.


More Product Information:

  • 1-to-1 for All-Purpose Flour
  • 100% Employee Owned
  • Made in a Gluten and Peanut FREE facility
  • 4 g of Protein
  • 4 g of Fiber

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King Arthur Flour
18.00 Ounces

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