Paleo Angel // Carob Fudge Cake Power Ball 1.6 oz

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Ingredients: Organic Coconut, Collagen Protein (Beef Kosher), Organic Raw Honey, Coconut Milk, Carob Powder, Less than 2% of: Collagen Gelatin, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt View full description


Delectable, rich, chocolaty taste without the autoimmune issues of chocolate! Carob is a healthy, nutrient-dense substitute for chocolate. It mimics the taste and satisfies any chocolate-lover's craving.


Product Information:

  • Power Balls should be consumed within 60 days of manufacture date if not refrigerated, and within 9 months if refrigerated
  • Extended exposure to heat will compromise the integrity and quality of the product
  • It is best to store the Power Balls in a cool place or refrigerate, and serve at room temperature
  • Made in a facility free of gluten, dairy, peanuts and tree nuts (aside from coconuts)


  • Paleo

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Paleo Angel Paleo Power Balls
2.00 Ounces

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Best By: April 4, 2021

9 Reviews

  • Posted by Candace Worthington on Dec 29th 2020


    Carob Fudge Cake Power Balls

    Love the taste, but only 2 in package is too expensive for regular a routine purchase.

  • Posted by Kristi on Sep 14th 2020


    Carob Fudge Cake power balls are yummy

    A very nice treat to have!

  • Posted by Kristi on Sep 10th 2020


    Carob Fudge Cake power balls are yummy

    I love these!

  • Posted by Tyler P. on Jul 25th 2020


    Just Tastes Like Coconut

    Every flavor just tastes like coconut, didn't really do it for me.

  • Posted by Alexis on Jul 24th 2020


    They’re ehhh.

    These power balls are just okay, nothing special. I honestly didn’t really like the flavor personally. I’m sure they’re yummy for other people, just not for me. I was hoping for something more chocolatey. This tastes more like cinnamon. Also, a little pricey for just two power balls.

  • Posted by Molly on Jun 17th 2020


    Yummy but expensive!

    I have such a sweet tooth so being in the AIP elimination phase was a huge change for me! These power balls satisfied my sweet tooth but are pretty expensive considering you only get two servings in the package. That said, if I remain in the AIP elimination phase for a while, I would buy these again!

  • Posted by Sheri on Nov 25th 2018


    I love these

    Yes they are pricey but if, like me, you cannot eat chocolate, you will really appreciate them. They do not taste as coconutty ( if that is even a word) as some other flavors. The orange cranbery are also yummy.

  • Posted by Sue on Oct 25th 2018


    Enjoyable and healthy snack

    I've had a few different flavors of the AIP compliant paleo balls, and this one is probably my favorite. Very rich flavor and more moist than some other flavors. It's pretty pricey as there are only 2 balls in each bag, but they are a nice change from other snacks. I don't eat them regularly, but do like to keep some around.

  • Posted by Nicole A Hammonds on Oct 12th 2018


    Great travel snack

    I took a bunch of these on the road with me and always looked forward to eating them! Will order again