Paleo Angel // Snickerdoodle Power Balls

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Ingredients: Organic Coconut, Collagen Protein (Beef Kosher), Organic Raw Honey, Coconut Milk, Cinnamon, Less than 2% of: Collagen Gelatin, Himalayan Pink Sea Salt View full description


Delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, buttery cinnamon goodness! Don't worry, we don't actually use butter or any dairy!  

Product Information: 

  • Power Balls should be consumed within 60 days of manufacture date if not refrigerated, and within 9 months if refrigerated
  • Extended exposure to heat will compromise the integrity and quality of the product
  • It is best to store the Power Balls in a cool place or refrigerate, and serve at room temperature 


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Paleo Angel Paleo Power Balls
2.00 Ounces

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1 Reviews

  • Posted by AIP Mom on Jul 14th 2018


    Tasty, but pricey

    These are a tasty treat as long as you like coconut (they're primarily made of coconut so the flavor does come through). I enjoyed them; however, at $2 and change per small "power ball," they're also very expensive. Given the price, I doubt I will order these again.