Primal Life Organics // Black Spearmint Dirty Mouth Toothpowder 1 oz

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They said we were crazy to call a tooth cleaning product "dirty mouth". Crazy like a fox, maybe! Because this revolutionary tooth powder takes the conventional toothpaste formula and sets it on its ear, utilizing earthen clay (yes, CLAY!) to produce an alkalizing teeth cleansing product that's got the whole dental world buzzing. But don’t worry - it doesn't TASTE like dirt...

Your mouth is exposed to bacteria, fungus, spores, viruses, toxins heavy metals and more on a daily basis.  Your mouth is where your immune system starts.  Decreasing inflammation inside your mouth and restoring your microbiome is essential in creating internal health.

"Heath begins inside your mouth" and your dental health reflects your internal health.  Open up and say.... Let us turn your EWE into AHH-mazing!! 

Our alkalizing oral care products are designed to restore your mouth microbiome so you have the the good bacteria you need to fight inflammation where it starts!

Our alkalizing toothpowder is easy to use, gently cleanses, neutralizes acids and creates a healthy environment inside your mouth that supports the growth of good bacteria and inhibits the bad. 



Extra Information

Primal Life Organics
4.00 Ounces
Bentonite, Kaolinite, Sodium Bicarbonate, Activated Charcoal, Montmorillonite, Organic Mentha Spicata (Spearmint) Oil