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The first and only place to buy AIP products online

Coombs Family Farms // Organic Maple Sugar 6 oz

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Unlike highly processed white sugar, maple sugar contains naturally occurring minerals like potassium and calcium. 



    INGREDIENTS: Pure Organic Maple Syrup

    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    • AIP Elimination Stage
    • Paleo and Compliant
    • Organic Certified
    • Low-FODMAP
    • <5g Net Carbs
    • Coconut Free
    • Kosher

    About the Brand

    About the Brand

    Our family began working in maple over 150 years ago; I'm the seventh generation to work our family farm. When I was three, I was riding behind the tractor while dad and granddad tapped trees. Soon enough, I was working in the sugarbush myself. That's part of what it means to be a seventh-generation maple farm. By choosing Coombs Family Farms products, you're helping to keep working farmland open and sowing the seeds for a healthier, more sustainable society. That's no drop in the bucket.

    How to Enjoy

    Try this organic sugar in baking, as a main ingredient in rubs and marinades, in coffee or tea, or sprinkled on fresh fruit.

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