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The first and only place to buy AIP products online

Legit Bread Company // Pizza & Pretzel Mix 10.6 oz

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It’s the mix of you’ve been literally dreaming about! Make a 16” pizza crust (or smaller individual ones) and soft pretzels for DAYS! This lovable Legit mix has actual super powers!

INGREDIENTS: Arrowroot Flour, Tapioca Starch, Psyllium Husk Powder, Tigernut Flour, Cassava, Sea Salt

Non-AIP Ingredient(s): Psyllium Husk Powder

Additional Information

Additional Information

• Paleo Certified
• Coconut Free
• Made with Otto's Cassava Flour
• Allergen Friendly Facility

About the Brand

About the Brand

Legit Bread was developed by Jennifer Robins, who after giving up gluten and then grain, realized how inauthentic paleo and allergen friendly bread options were. She locked herself in her kitchen, refusing to come out until the loaf was legit. Shared as a recipe on her blog, and in one of her cookbooks, she realized her work wasn't done until she could put her sought-after recipe straight into the hands of those who needed and adored it. Legit Bread Company, which is woman and veteran owned, slowly morphed from a dream to a real live creature. Now Legit Bread Mixes can be purchased and made quickly in the comfort of your home, perfect for those seeking delicious homemade bread, without the extra minutes to make it.

How to Enjoy

To make this mix egg free, you can sub 1/2 cup mashed sweet potato.

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