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The first and only place to buy AIP products online

Sip Herbals // Peppermint Mocha Coffee Substitute 6 oz

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This all-star festive Peppermint Mocha brightens the holidays: signature roasted carob combines with roasted chicory and a hint of lively peppermint. Add a splash of your favorite milk and sweetener for the perfect holiday treat. If you love peppermint sticks and hot chocolate, this flavor will quickly capture your heart! 

INGREDIENTS: Organic Carob Flour, Organic Roasted Chicory Root, Organic Dried Peppermint Leaf

Additional Information

Additional Information

• AIP Elimination Stage
• Paleo Certified
• Organic Ingredients
• <5g Net Carbs

About the Brand

About the Brand

Our coffee substitute story starts in a dark place. We were both feeling sick. Really sick.
But thankfully, our story didn’t end there. We both spent a decade researching, learning, and sharing real food healing for their own auto-immune issues.
In fact, that’s how we met each other!

From that learning and experimentation came our biggest experiment yet: Sip Herbals!

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