Pure Traditions // Instant Farina 14.1 oz

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Ingredients: Ingredients: Organic Coconut, Organic Tiger Nut Flour, Organic Cinnamon, Konjac Root, Himalayan Pink Salt View full description




We set out to add an instant hot cereal to our lineup for people following AIP (auto immune protocol) as well as those with tree nut allergies. The result was beyond our wildest dreams - super delicious and more like a farina then our other cereals, with it's own unique sweet taste from tiger nuts. And it's also low carb as well.

More Product Information:

  • Made in a facility FREE of gluten, dairy and peanuts
  • Made with Some Organic Ingredients
  • 4g Net Carbs
  • No Added Sugars
  • Naturally Sweet
  • Grain Free
  • Gluten Free


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Pure Traditions
17.00 Ounces

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Best By: August 13, 2022

24 Reviews

  • Posted by Teresa on Dec 12th 2021


    Pure Traditions Farina

    So happy to have this product as a breakfast option. Very filling and delicious!

  • Posted by Ellen Briggs on Nov 19th 2021



    I’m so tired of coconut. I thought I’d have to toss this but gave it a second try and added cinnamon and that helped. I also don’t like the texture of coconut flakes and I think that may make the texture kind of yucky.

  • Posted by Angelica on Oct 16th 2021


    Excellent product

    I love this farina for breakfast. I am on a AIP diet and is perfect with coconut milk.

  • Posted by Unknown on Sep 3rd 2021


    Pure Traditions Instant Farina

    Being there so few cereals I can eat, II really enjoy eating this one.

  • Posted by Teresa on Aug 14th 2021


    Pure traditions farina

    So delicious and perfect for AIP diet.

  • Posted by Jenny Aisenberg on Apr 9th 2021


    BEST AIP hot cereal!!!

    Before I started the AIP diet, my favorite everyday breakfast for years was oatmeal or oat bran. After finding this shop, I tried the AIPeasy brand hot cereal first, but was disappointed by the watery consistency and gritty texture. THIS one is SO MUCH better! It has a much more thick & hearty consistency of a normal hot cereal, yummy taste, and as to some people mentioning a "gritty" texture, I'm pretty sure those are just tiny shreds of coconut, and I like it! I add a tbsp of raisins before the hot water (same as I did with oatmeal), put a lid on it for 2 minutes while you're preparing your morning drink, and boom, you have a warm, filling breakfast ready for you. Add a dash of cinnamon, a drizzle of honey or maple, some banana slices... whatever you like! I could literally eat this every day (just wish it were a little cheaper-- but I could say that about most high quality AIP foods, so c'est la vie.) If you are a hot cereal fan, BUY THIS!!

  • Posted by Christine e Taylor on Apr 2nd 2021


    I didn't like it at all to gritty but my daughter loves it.

    To gritty

  • Posted by Cynthia on Mar 21st 2021


    Pure traditions

    This product is very good. Am always sceptical of these aip breakfast cereals. Better than I expected.

  • Posted by Kimberly Carpenter on Mar 13th 2021


    Great Breakfast

    This is an excellent substitute for hot cereal. I add sliced bananas and cinnamon. It's delicious and filling.