Rhizome // Super Ginger Tonic 8 oz

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Ingredients: Water, Ginger, Lime Juice, Turmeric View full description



A new way to hydrate. Complex, spicy flavors without the sugar and alcohol found in most adult beverages.

This tonic is handmade in a slow brewed process (using only the freshest organic ingredients) which allows you to revitalize your gut and your mind (without spending hours in the kitchen.)

This tonic packs a Super Spicy punch!

You’ll love kicking off your day with Super Ginger Tonic. Wake up your gut and your mind by adding this to a mug of hot water or your favorite tea. Not into hot? Try a splash in sparkling water.


Made with fresh whole organic ginger, turmeric and lime. Brewed in small batches by hand in Portland, OR.


Product Information:

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Plant Based
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • No Refined Sugar


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9.00 Ounces

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Best By: September 09, 2022

2 Reviews

  • Posted by Claire on Aug 22nd 2021



    I love a spicy ginger kick & this tonic does it:)

  • Posted by Angelina G. on Feb 2nd 2021



    This is absolutly amazing - Just like I juiced Fresh ginger! It just sooo much more convenient to add to some warm water first thing in the morning, without the hard work and cleaning the juicer. Looking forward to trying their other products!