Siete // Grain Free SEA SALT Tortilla Chips 5 oz

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Reintro Ingredient: Chia Seeds. Ingredients:Cassava Flour, Avocado Oil, Coconut Flour, Ground Chia Seeds View full description




Grain and gluten free, made with avocado oil, but without any dairy, soy, corn, wheat or rice.  You gotta try it to believe it!


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  • Cassava is a mineral rich root vegetable and a staple crop in many parts of the world, including Latin America, Africa and Asia
  • Made in a dedicated gluten-free facility.
  • Manufactured on equipment that processes tree nuts.

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6.00 Ounces

1 Reviews

  • Posted by Katie Short on Nov 23rd 2019


    Holy Moly, Tortilla Chips!

    In my opinion, these actually eat better than a regular corn tortilla chip. They are thin and light, with great crispy crunch (rather than being hard). They don't turn into shards of chip that poke and tear up your mouth, at least not like traditional tortilla chips. They taste good - fairly neutral, a little nutty (though not as if they contained nuts), and with just a little less than "enough" salt, but I like salty foods. These chips make eating a "sandwich" in a coconut wrap seem almost like a normal lunch. They changed AIP taco night (taco salad with nightshade-free seasonings and KC Naturals Catalina-style dressing). They even crush nicely to make casserole topping, though you do have to add them at then end for a quick broil to keep them crispy. It's a little embarrassing to admit, but I'd probably keep room in the food budget for these even if I could eat the cheap trashy version!