Siete // Kettle Cooked Potato Chips Sea Salt 5.5 oz.

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Potato heads unite! That’s right, we said “potato heads”—no, not like Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head—but rather the people who passionately pine for potatoes like our family does. In fact, we love potatoes so much that we made a simple potato chip with just the basics—avocado oil and sea salt—to enhance the naturally delectable crunch of potatoes, and to bring you: Kettle Cooked Sea Salt Potato Chips. So, all that’s left to do is enjoy them on a burger, add them to your sandwich, or snack on them as your heart desires! You really can’t go wrong with the basics here, but we have a feeling that you already knew as much, aficionado.

Siete // Kettle Cooked Potato Chips Sea Salt 5.5 oz.

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  • Made in a dedicated gluten-free facility.

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  • Posted by Rebecca on Sep 20th 2021


    Cleaner potato chip option

    I was able to successfully reintroduce potatoes recently. I was excited to find these from Siete since otherwise potato chips typically have other chemicals and junk in them I don't tolerate. It was a nice splurge to be able to eat a potato chip again, but it's definitely an indulgence. They're greasy like regular potato chips (which I haven't been used to given the other AIP-friendly snacks I've been eating instead). But nothing beats the taste of an actual potato in chips and they were nice and salty and crunchy. Definitely not an every day indulgence for me, but nice to know I have this option.