St. Dalfour // Ginger and Orange Marmalade Fruit Spread 10 oz

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Ingredients: Ginger, Oranges With Peel, Fruit Juice Concentrates (Grape, Date and Pineapple), Fruit Pectin, Lemon Juice. View full description



A delicious fruit spread made in France by an old recipe. Intense orange flavor complemented with zesty ginger for a unique bite. Sweetened only with vineyard-ripened grape and fruit juices. By gently cooking in the tradition of the French countryside, the natural flavor of the fruit is conserved. No preservatives. No artificial flavors or colors.


Product information:

  • No Cane Sugar
  • Non GMO
  • All Natural Ingredients ~ 100% Fruit
  • No Preservatives ~ No Artificial Flavors or Colors 

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St. Dalfour
18.00 Ounces

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