Sweetpotato Awesome // Sea Salt 2 oz

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Ingredients: Dried Organic Sweet Potato Slices, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Sea Salt View full description


Similar in texture and size to a flat bread or toast these larger freeze dried organic sweetpotato

Product Information:

  • slices are simply seasoned with organic virgin coconut oil and sea salt.
  • Similar to sweetpotato toast with the added benefit of having a long shelf life
  • Has a unique crunchy texture
  • Anything you would put on a sandwich you can use with Flat Out Awesome. 


Contains Coconut

Extra Information

Sweetpotato Awesome
3.00 Ounces

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5 Reviews

  • Posted by Barbara on Dec 5th 2021


    Sweet potato Awesome

    Fabulous with AIP chicken or tuna salad. Wonderful with tiger nut butter and AIP jam.

  • Posted by Caroline on Mar 7th 2021


    Not my favorite snack

    These are a good snack but definitely not the first thing I reach for. They're a lot sweeter than I expected and get stuck in my teeth.

  • Posted by Tricia Goetz on Jan 31st 2021


    Not great

    I did not like these at all

  • Posted by Barbara on Feb 26th 2018


    actually it deserves ten stars

    finally a great tasting aip cracker that adds to whatever you top it with. really, really great and worth every penny.

  • Posted by Barbara on Feb 17th 2018


    What a find!

    At last! This is far more than an edible substitute for what I wish I could eat on aip! This is better than any chip or flat bread I have ever had. And being gluten free for years and years, I have had them all!