That's It // Apple + Figs Fruit Bar 1.2 oz

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All natural fruit bars made from 100% REAL FRUIT and only 2 ingredients: Apples and figs!  Seriously, That's it!

Looking for a snack that's the perfect mix of sweet and tart? Try our Apple + Apricot bar, which contains two servings of whole fruits: delicious figs and apples. Bring your healthy snacking game to a whole new level. And...that's not all. It's paleo certified by the Paleo Foundation! Enjoy this snack, anytime, anywhere.


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  • Gluten-free, all natural
  • Non-GMO 
  • Good source of fiber 
  • No preservatives, juices, concentrates or purees

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That's It
2.00 Ounces

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