Traditional Medicinals // Organic Ginger Chamomile Tea 16 Bags

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Ingredients: Organic Ginger Rhizome, Organic Chamomile Flower View full description



 Traditional Medicinals Organic Ginger with Chamomile tea is a warm and comforting blend. Ginger has been used traditionally to aid digestion and relieve nausea. Combined with chamomile, this drink is soothing and peaceful, slightly floral and slightly spicy. A perfect companion to your meals. Caffeine free and non-GMO. Caffeine free herbal tea. 16 wrapped tea bags.



Brew well to be well. For maximum benefit, medicinal tea must be properly prepared. Pour 8 oz. freshly boiled water over a tea bag in a ceramic cup. Cover cup and steep 10-15 minutes. These steps directly influence the amount of beneficial components that will end up in your teacup! Gently squeeze the tea bag to release any remaining extract. Drink three cups daily or as needed. Adding honey may enhance benefits, especially in dry climates.


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Traditional Medicinals
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March 2024