Wild Made // Veggie Go's - Berry Apple + Spinach

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Ingredients: Organic Apple Puree, Organic Spinach Puree, Organic Strawberry Puree, Organic Raspberry Puree, Organic Blueberry Puree, Organic Sweet Potato Puree View full description




If we didn’t say so, you’d probably never know that these fantastically fruity Berry, Apple + Spinach Veggie-Go’s Strips are packing some serious greens. Sweet potatoes too. This fan-favorite flavor wins big with fruit lovers because it leads with the natural sweetness of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and apples and keeps the power-packed spinach incognito.

So while we can’t endorse lying to your kids about what’s inside—food honesty is always the best policy—we can say that in this case, what they don’t know definitely won’t hurt them.


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  • 1 Serving of Fruit & Veggies
  • No Added Sugar


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Wild Made
1.00 Ounces

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