Wild Zora // Caldera Chicken Curry 3 oz.

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Reintro Ingredients: Red Bell Pepper, Cayenne, Spices. Ingredients: free-range chicken, organic spinach, pineapple, coconut, red bell pepper, sweet potato, onion, green onion, turmeric, cayenne chili pepper, spices, sea salt, garlic. View full description



Caldera Chicken Curry freeze-dried meal is the ultimate fusion of flavors that know no bounds! 
Whether you’re backpacking in the great outdoors, globetrotting abroad, or are just pressed for time and need a quick fix, dive into a bowl of Paleo stew. No prep, dishes, or mess. Just wholesome, delicious backpacking food for your outdoor adventures.


With chicken, pineapple, and tender vegetables, tapping into your taste buds has never been easier.
Wanderlusters, explorers, and globetrotters dive into a meal sure to spice up your adventure in the backcountry, backpacking, skiing, hiking, camping, and traveling. 

Product information:

  • Freeze Dried meal
  • NO Gluten, grains, nuts, dairy
  • No Added Sugar
  • No Nightshades
  • WITH Free-range Chicken and Organic Vegetables
  • 35 grams of protein per serving


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Wild Zora
4.00 Ounces

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