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All ShopAIP products are now available on
Freezer Cooking for the Paleo AIP - New Cookbook and a Giveaway

Freezer Cooking for the Paleo AIP - New Cookbook and a Giveaway

Scroll to the bottom to enter a celebratory giveaway of this book plus lots of extra prizes! (No Purchase Necessary!) There are FOUR chances to win from ShopAIP!!

This cookbook is so amazing.  I'm thrilled I have the opportunity to introduce it to you!  Soon after the ShopAIP launch, Jaime Lubich Hartman (the voice behind Gutsy by Nature) reached out to me.  ShopAIP carries nearly all the shelf stable products for this cookbook and it was a perfect fit for us to be part of this launch.  

As anyone that's followed my recent instagram postings knows, I am pressed for time when it comes to cooking.  I need all the help I can get to create nutrient-dense, AIP compliant food.  I like to keep it simple and I can't wait to be able to create delicious dishes and treats ahead of time that will make dinner a breeze!

Buy Now Only $18.90

What is the Freezer Cooking for the Paleo AIP cookbook?

This Freezer cookbook has been created by some of the most top-notch bloggers in our community.  They have spent years creating AIP recipes that can easily fit into our busy lives.  Although those of us following a Paleo AIP diet no longer consume the pre-packaged foods available in grocery stores, doesn't mean we no longer have the need for the convenience they provide.  Enter this amazing book!  Not only are the recipes fun and delicious, but they make life easier for us by incorporating the ability to freeze to make meals a breeze!

The first couple of times I tried AIP, I failed.  My failure was mainly due to not having enough food prepared for those first difficult weeks (of withdrawal).  I wish I would have had this resource in those earlier trials.  Maybe it wouldn't have taken me so long to find success.  Now that I have found it, my busy schedule, instead of my poor health, is often my barrier to a substantially healthy AIP compliant meal or snack.  This cookbook will be a godsend for the upcoming season of six-day a week activities spread across the schedules of my three children!  Regardless of whether you are new to AIP or a reigning champ - this cookbook will enhance your life and freedom while staying compliant.

Buy Now Only $18.90

Along with your purchase you will receive exclusive discount codes for 10-20% off products and resources from partners and contributors, including my very own ShopAIP, our friends at Paleo on the Go, Hot Logic Mini and others!

The Recipes

The Book includes over 120 freezer-friendly recipes, all of which are 100% compliant with the elimination phase of the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) as defined by Sarah Ballantyne, PhD in The Paleo Approach: Reverse Disease and Heal Your Body. Which means that they are all:

  • Gluten free
  • Grain free
  • Dairy free
  • Egg free
  • Nightshade free
  • Nut and seed free
  • Refined sugar free
  • Made from whole, nutrient dense, unprocessed foods!

You won’t find ANY of the 120+ freezer-friendly recipes in this book elsewhere! 

Over 78 were developed exclusively for this AIP freezer cooking ebook and ALL of the recipes were tested and expanded by the original creator to include detailed freezing, storage, and serving directions so you can count on them being foolproof.

AIP freezer cooking recipes included for every meal of the day, with sections devoted to Breakfast, Appetizers & Snacks, Soups & Stews, Casseroles, Main Dishes, Side Dishes, and even Desserts! Click here for a complete list of the categories and recipes.

Exclusive freezer-friendly versions of recipes from some of your favorite AIP cookbooks are also included – He Won’t Know It’s Paleo, The Healing Kitchen, and The Paleo Approach Cookbook. Exclusive recipes from the executive chef of our favorite frozen meal delivery service, Paleo On the Go!

Sneak Peak!

I LOVE finding AIP compliant recipes the whole family will enjoy.  As a mother of three young kids, these served dual purposes of passing my kids' taste test and being a healthy treat!

Buy Now Only $18.90

Along with your purchase you will receive exclusive discount codes for 10-20% off products and resources from partners and contributors, including my very own ShopAIP, our friends at Paleo on the GoHot Logic Mini and others!

There's a Giveaway for 14 Lucky Winners

All of us are so excited for the launch of this book that Jaime has put together an amazing giveaway! 

The winners will not only receive a free copy of the book but also lots of other prizes as well.

Click here to enter the Giveaway

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