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AIP Talk with ShopAIP April 2020

AIP Talk with ShopAIP April 2020

The ShopAIP Blog is a great resource for the latest articles, research, blog posts, podcasts, books, products and more related to the anti-inflammatory paleo autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet.

Some links in this post are affiliate links. That simply means I may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you purchase an item mentioned through the link.

Each month I’ll be featuring the latest happenings in our AIP community and sharing here! You’ll be able to get your favorite AIP staples and keep in the loop in one place.


Given the pandemic and current concerns , I thought it necessary to give a dedicated space for this particular coronavirus strain. Below are informative and helpful posts and podcast episodes if you are interested to learn the lateset about COVID-19 and how you can continue to take care of yourself.

  1. Phoenix Helix Podcast Episode 146 – Anxiety & Autoimmune Disease with Dr. Maureen Pierce - this podcast episode is useful for anyone who experience anxiety for any situation but is especially timely now.
  2. Dr. Sarah’s Covid-19 FAQ – Cleaner vs. Disinfectant – is there a difference? What’s the virus’ survivability on surfaces? In air? Dr. Ballantyne covers all of those questions in this post.
  3. Learning to Calm the Fajizzle Down – This post is all about recognizing the difference between knowing and doing when it comes to stress management.
  4. COVID-19 and Autoimmune Wellness – Mickey and Angie recorded a special podcast to give you information and support during this time.
  5. MSMonday: Coronavirus – COVID-10 – Alissa shares what she’s doing to fortify her immune system in the hopes to prevent illness and also be better equipped to bounce back if she does get sick.
  6. Breathing Techniques for Anxiety, Insomnia, and Fatigue – Eileen shares some of her favorite breathing techniques with us.
  7. Tools to Help You Navigate COVID – Four key pieces for supporting your immune system.
  8. What Does Your (New) Daily Routine Look Like? – Jo shares her techniques for carving out a healthy routine in these uncertain times.
  9. The Paleo View Podcast Episode 398 – Sarah and Stacy share how they’re coping with quarantine.

Immune Health on a Budget –A replay of Dr. Sarah Ballantyne’s free online lecture is still available to watch if you missed it!

Phoenix Helix Podcast: Episode 145 – Eileen chats with Dr. Terry Wahls to learn about the most recent research and the first randomized control trial for the Wahls Protocol.


Brooke’s Recovery from Celiac Refractory Disease – We love reading healing stories! In this post, we meet Brooke and learn of her experiences with working with her doctor and finding the right protocol to feel her best.

Hamburger Stroganoff – Let’s have a chuckle – Wendi’s sharing how to make hamburger stroganoff with a retro spin.

Tallow Hand Cream – How are your hands holding up with all the hand washing and cleaning? Here’s my DIY hand cream that uses tallow. Time to get some relief!

AIP Is a Plant-Based Protocol – In this post, Mickey tackles a huge misconception that’s been going on for a while.


12 Healthy Salad Dressing Recipes – Indira’s gathered up some delicious dressing recipes for you to enjoy (all but one are elimination stage compliant)!

Banana Cookie Dough Bites – Wendy created these little bites using tigernut flour, a banana, and a few pantry ingredients.

Sheet Pan Tex-Mex Taco Salad – How smart is this? A tasty sheet pan meal turned salad.

Bone Broth Flavor Boosters – Feeling a little blah on broth? Eileen shares 10 AIP flavor combinations to try.

Beef Stroganoff – Stacey is super creative with her recipes. I love that she uses tamarind paste in her sauce, too!


Cassava Fettucine Pasta - I recently tried these fettucine noodles with homemade meatballs and my favorite tomato-free marinara sauce. The whole family loved it!

Reintroductions! - Considering the AIP isn’t forever, we’ve expanded our product line to reflect that and celebrate your successful reintroductions! From time to time, you’ll notice new products clearly labeled (e.g. Stage 1 Reintro AIP with the products’ reintro ingredients listed).


As always, have a look at the current items on sale and stock up on your favorites! You can also pre-order select items that are temporarily out of stock.

AIP Talk with ShopAIP

Erin is the blogger behind Real Food and Love who has used the AIP diet and lifestyle to recover from three autoimmune diseases. She strives for balance and juggles life as a wife, mother of two wildlings and a two-year-old, and working part-time from home. All while avoiding stepping on Legos! One of her favorite ShopAIP products is KC Natural Carrot Marinara Sauce.

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