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AIP Talk with ShopAIP November 2019

AIP Talk with ShopAIP November 2019

The ShopAIP Blog is a great resource for the latest articles, research, blog posts, podcasts, books, products and more related to the anti-inflammatory paleo autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet.

Some links in this post are affiliate links. That simply means I may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you purchase an item mentioned through the link.

Each month I’ll be featuring the latest happenings in our AIP community and sharing here! You’ll be able to get your favorite AIP staples and keep in the loop in one place.


The Autoimmune Protocol Meal Prep Cookbook – I recently spent a Saturday meal prepping from this cookbook with my daughter. Not only we end up with all their school lunches taken care of, but also my husband’s work lunches. This cookbook is tailored to make three meals and a snack for five days for one adult. It includes TEN weekly compliant menus, shopping lists, and batch cooking instructions.

The Autoimmune Protocol Comfort Food Cookbook – I also had a chance to cook out of Michelle’s newest cookbook. It’s all about classic comfort foods modified to be AIP compliant. So far, my family has loved EVERY recipe I’ve made. Especially the “Chocolate” Chunk Cookies.


The Paleo View Podcast: Episode 377 – In this podcast episode, Sarah and Stacy cover the basic tenets of the paleo autoimmune protocol and bust some myths rapid-fire style.

Emotional Autoimmune Podcast: Episode 25 – Kerry interviews Melissa who shares her experiences with childhood anxiety and dealing with psoriasis.

The Phoenix Helix Podcast: Episode 134 – Buckle up for this episode. Eileen talks with registered nurse and clinical psychotherapist, Imei Hsu. The topic of orthorexia is a sensitive one, but it’s an important topic to be aware of, especially for those of us following an elimination diet.


AIP Dos and Don’ts – If you’re like me, you appreciate a good list. Sarah has a new one featuring what strategies and principles to implement while on the AIP (dos) and some of the most common stumbling blocks she’s talked with AIPers about over the years (don’ts).

How to Know if You Have a Thyroid Issue – Samantha Teague shares a helpful list of common symptoms to look for when your thyroid isn’t performing its best.


AIP Thanksgiving Recipe Guide – If you’re still planning your Thanksgiving menu, be sure to check out the recipe guide I shared recently!

Celeriac Soup with Apple and Sweet Potato –This soup is perfect for chilly days! Grab some bone broth and get your soup on.

Stuffed Flounder with Root Vegetables and Greens – Jaime shares a tasty fish recipe and uses the greens of the root vegetables. Less waste!

Glazed Ham – Jo already has me daydreaming about our ham for December – I’ll be stocking up on coconut sugar to make this!


Waffle & Pancake Mix - I think I’ll have a breakfast for dinner night soon – it’s been a while since we’ve had one!

Reintroduction Products - Considering the AIP isn’t forever, we’ve expanded our products to reflect that and support your successfully reintroduced foods! You’ll notice new products in the shop and reintroduction products are clearly marked (e.g. Stage 1 Reintro AIP with the products’ reintro ingredients listed).


As always, have a look at the current items on sale and stock up on your favorites!

AIP Talk with ShopAIP

Erin is the blogger behind Real Food and Love who has used the AIP diet and lifestyle to recover from three autoimmune diseases. She strives for balance and juggles life as a wife, mother of two wildlings and a two-year-old, and working part-time from home. All while avoiding stepping on Legos! One of her favorite ShopAIP products is KC Natural No Tomato Pasta Sauce.

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