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All ShopAIP products are now available on
All ShopAIP products are now available on
February 2019 AIP Talk with ShopAIP

February 2019 AIP Talk with ShopAIP

The ShopAIP Blog is a great resource for the latest articles, research, blog posts, podcasts, books, products and more related to the anti-inflammatory paleo autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet.

Some links in this post are affiliate links. That simply means I may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you purchase an item mentioned through the link.

Each month I’ll be featuring the latest happenings in our AIP community and sharing here! You’ll be able to get your favorite AIP staples and keep in the loop in one place.


#aipstress – The first week of February many AIP bloggers got together and shared how they deal with stress while on a healing diet. For some that involves exercise, self-care, finding ways to relax, making it a point to unwind - either to minimize the chance of stress hitting them or to balance out stressful moments as they happen.


AIP By Season – The NEWEST AIP community cookbook features 101 recipes designed to not only help you with a variety of delicious recipes that are AIP-friendly, but also as a guide to eating with the seasons. The chapters contain nutrient-dense recipes which each have a featured ingredient specific to Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter!

The Nutrient Dense Kitchen – The self-publishing campaign may be over, but you can now reserve a pre-ordered copy of Mickey's newest book on Amazon. I already have my copy and have been swooning over each recipe, marking all the ones I want to make first!


Phoenix Helix Podcast: Easy AIP – For folks just starting this whole AIP thing, it can be overwhelming. Even the seasoned AIPers find themselves in the occasional rut! In this podcast episode, Eileen chats with Mickey about how to keep the AIP as easy as possible.

The Paleo View Podcast: Healthiest Houseplants that Detoxify and Purify our Air – I have a black thumb and two cats but I love the look (and benefits) of indoor greenery. So, I especially appreciated the information Sarah and Stacy shared in this podcast episode.


Celery Juice: Fad or Fabulous? – Feel free to pass this information on to those who suggest you drink celery juice to cure what ails you.

Tending to Your Wounds – In this post, Kari shares the importance of taking care of yourself when your hurt and grief seems all consuming.

10 Ways to Love Yourself – Kate is sharing 10 fun ways to show yourself love and appreciation. Numbers 1, 6, and 10 are my favorites of the bunch. How about you?

The Complete Guide to Fats on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol – What makes a fat "healthy"? Do we really need to consume fat? Eileen covers it all. Spoiler alert! You can get all the healthy fats right here at Shop AIP!


Clam Chowder & Oyster Crackers – Through some sort of wizardry, Jaime has recreated a classic chowder and those tiny crackers! Okay, cassava flour and magic.

Flavorful Chimi Sauce – My family has been loving this sauce lately. I add a splash of the vinegar from my pickled red onions for extra flavor.


Kasandrinos. is some of the most flavorful olive oil out there and it's now in stock!

Wild Zora recently launched their AIP soup mix! Perfect for camping and travel - even those "I don't have energy to cook" days.

Looking for dried fruit without weird oils? Look no further. We've got dried blueberries, cranberries, and strawberries from Steve's Paleogoods.


As always, have a look at the current items on sale and stock up on your favorite AIP goods! You can save 17% on Shavasana collagen protein shake mixes!

AIP Talk with Shop AIP

Erin is the blogger behind Real Food and Love who has used the AIP diet and lifestyle to recover from three autoimmune diseases. She strives for balance and juggles life as a wife, mother of two wildlings and a one-year-old, and working part-time from home. All while avoiding stepping on Legos! One of her favorite Shop AIP products is KC Natural No Tomato Pasta Sauce.

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