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Truly AIP Giveaway and Brand Feature Interview Transcript!

Truly AIP Giveaway and Brand Feature Interview Transcript!

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Brand Feature Truly AIP Interview:

Sandra: Hi everybody. This is Sandra with ShopAIP. Once again, bringing you an amazing brand feature interview. And this time [we have], please introduce yourself…

Karen: Karen Hoch, founder of Truly AIP products.

Sandra: Oh, that's so fantastic. And we're super excited to finally have your brand on ShopAIP. And could you, let us know if you are a sole founder?

Karen: I have to give credit to my husband, Chris, for helping me found this company and getting my initial products off the ground.

Sandra: Sounds so great. And when was it founded and where was it founded?

Karen: It was about two years ago. In Nine Mile Falls, just outside of Spokane, Washington in my little home kitchen

Sandra: <laugh> Oh, I love, I love that. We all have to start, right where we are. Right.

Karen: Right.

Sandra: And what was the inspiration for you to start Truly AIP?

Karen: My first inspiration was I wanted a chai tea that I could drink. I couldn't find one without natural flavors or some seed in it. So, that was the beginning of that.

Sandra: That's so, um, I love chai tea. I actually spent some time in Nepal and India once upon a time. So I'm a huge, huge, chai tea drinker. So I definitely appreciate that product. And what steps did you take from your starting point to where it is today?

Karen: Just little steps along the way. I started with the tea and then I moved on to one spice or one seasoning and then kind of mixed up developing two more seasonings and three baking mixes along the way.

Sandra: And for you, what do you think the most ideal pairing would be for your AIP products?

Karen: My favorite way to pair my products is to make mini waffles using my all-purpose baking mix and then sausage using our all-purpose seasoning. And I make that into a sandwich with a little bit of avocado and throw some vegetables on the side and it's the perfect meal.

Sandra: Mm. That sounds delicious. We'll have to make sure to get the recipe for everyone. And what is your personal favorite Truly AIP product?

Karen: Definitely the All-Purpose Baking Mix. I started with that with a couple different recipes in mind, things that could be made with it. And as I started experimenting, I realized that there were so many more possibilities with it. So I just keep on working with it and keep coming up with the recipes I just made honey Graham crackers yesterday…

Sandra: Yum.

Karen: So it's always fun to see what can happen.

Sandra: We, we might need to pair some of those with the Sweet Apricity marshmallows <laugh> and start getting s'mores action. <laugh>.   What can we look forward to from you in the coming years? Do you have some plans in mind?

Karen: I have at least one or two more products in mind that I'd like to get out there. Um, it'll be a little while before I do that, I'm gonna enjoy what I have and work with what I have right now. Um, but I'll just keep coming up with recipes, using my baking mixes and my seasonings.

Sandra: And if there was one thing you would really want customers to know about you or Truly AIP that you feel like either they don't know or, or maybe is there's a misperception about what would that be?

Karen: You know, really just, you should know that I'm a very small business, all the orders that I get, I personally pack up and ship.. Um, and that's pretty much it, I mean, yeah, pretty cut and dry around here. <laugh>

Sandra: And when you're, finished with your day or if that ever even happens, but you're, you're ready at least to have some decompress, relax and refresh time. How do you accomplish that?

Karen: So I'll go for a walk with my dogs, or I will just relax and read a book, but I really love my hot yoga classes, but the decompressing and refreshing comes right as the class is ending. So,

Sandra: So you gotta get through the tough workout first, before you get to the prize at the end.

Karen: Yes.

Sandra: Well, thank you so much for spending time with us today, and we're very excited to have Truly AIP on the ShopAIP site, and we look forward to working with you.

Karen: I look forward to working with you too.

Sandra: Thank you.

Karen: Thanks.


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Stormy - September 8, 2022

I’m new to this and excited to try products

Stacie - September 8, 2022

I love that you are a local PNW small business! AND I learned something new from your recipe…putting the waffle on a rack so it doesn’t collect condensation. Um, why didn’t I think about that sooner?!?! Lol

Denise - September 7, 2022

I love that your husband supported and encouraged you to start the brand.

Nancy T - September 7, 2022

Can’t wait to try this waffle recipe!

Nancy T - September 7, 2022

Can’t wait to try this waffle recipe!

Sarah - September 7, 2022

Thanks for the ideas and the recipe!

Amy - September 7, 2022

I love that you had some ideas and went for it!

Amanda Ellis - September 7, 2022

Great interview! Thanks for the giveaway :)

Michelle L. - September 7, 2022

I liked the interview. Short but informative.

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