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AIP Talk with ShopAIP September 2019

AIP Talk with ShopAIP September 2019

The ShopAIP Blog is a great resource for the latest articles, research, blog posts, podcasts, books, products and more related to the anti-inflammatory paleo autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet.

AIP Talk with ShopAIP September 2019

Some links in this post are affiliate links. That simply means I may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you purchase an item mentioned through the link.

Each month I’ll be featuring the latest happenings in our AIP community and sharing here! You’ll be able to get your favorite AIP staples and keep in the loop in one place.


The Autoimmune Protocol Meal Prep Cookbook – Sophie has her newest book set to release this October! This one is all about meal prep, and making the AIP not only manageable, but sustainable for long-term use. It includes TEN weekly compliant menus, shopping lists, and batch cooking instructions.

The Autoimmune Protocol Comfort Food Cookbook – Michelle Hoover from Unbound Wellness has her cookbook available! Featuring over 100 recipes – all of which are classic comfort foods revamped to be AIP compliant.


#aipperfectionism – The first week of September, many AIP bloggers got together and shared where they draw the line between being realistic and perfectionists on the paleo autoimmune protocol.


Phoenix Helix Podcast: Long-Term Healing Diets – In this podcast episode, Eileen chats with two seasoned AIPers, Katie and Jaime. The three of them share what brought them to the AIP, what other healing diets they’ve tried, and what their diets look like today.

Emotional Autoimmune Podcast: Episode 21 – Kerry chats with James whose dream of joining the police force was interrupted with the reality of a psoriatic arthritis diagnosis.

Phoenix Helix Podcast: Resilience with Dr. Cynthia Li – Ever have a serendipitous theme in your timeline? So far, September has been full of talks about resilience. This podcast episode covers all aspects of bouncing back after hardships, surely resonating for those of us with autoimmune disease and chronic illness.


Healing Diets, Orthorexia and the Reality of Chronic Illness – This is an important topic and I think Kerry did an excellent job covering all the bases with this post.

The Importance of Exercise – We, as a community, we KNOW we need to move. So why do we still get stuck in such a sedentary role? Sarah shares the science behind the importance of movement - especially for gut health, hormone balancing, and those with autoimmune disease!

What Self-Care Looks Like For Me – Self-care on the paleo autoimmune protocol can be tricky to navigate. In this post, I share the self-care tools I like to keep handy.

MSMonday: My MS Journey Over the Past 10 Years – Alissa shares her experiences with multiple sclerosis so far, from diagnosis to present day.

Gentle Detoxifying Baths – Eileen offers three methods for achieving a gentle detox with your next soak in the tub!

Medical Cannabis and Autoimmune Disease – Dr. Rob Abbott offers a practical post on the effects of cannabis and cannabinoids on various diseases, and a word of caution for those considering its uses.


Black Forest Cake Cookies – Feel like doing some baking? Meagen puts a cookie spin on a classy cake variety.

Pork & Apple Stew – This pork and apple stew is comforting and warming, rich with nourishing broth, and autumnal flavors!

Green Sauce Equation – Don’t we all need some go-to green sauce in the fridge? Jo shares her method for a seasonally appropriate, flexible sauce!

Cuban Mojo Chicken Meal Prep – Sophie’s sharing a new sneak peek recipe from The Autoimmune Protocol Meal Prep Cookbook. This meal for four can be ready in a little over an hour! Perfect for meal planning this weekend!


Pizza night is on! ROOTS recently came out with a flatbread pizza crust mix!

Missing churros? EPIC launched two new oven baked pork rind flavors – one is a classic cinnamon churro flavor. Yum!


As always, have a look at the current items on sale and stock up on your favorite AIP goods!

AIP Talk with ShopAIP

Erin is the blogger behind Real Food and Love who has used the AIP diet and lifestyle to recover from three autoimmune diseases. She strives for balance and juggles life as a wife, mother of two wildlings and a one-year-old, and working part-time from home. All while avoiding stepping on Legos! One of her favorite ShopAIP products is KC Natural No Tomato Pasta Sauce.

AIP Talk with ShopAIP September 2019

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