ROOTS // Instant Hot Cereal - Cinnamon Raisin 10.1 oz

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Ingredients: Organic Coconut, Organic Ground Tigernuts, Organic Raisins (no added oil), Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Cinnamon, Konjac Root, Himalayan Pink Salt View full description




Tigernut, Raisin and Coconut Blend...EASY just add water!  Allergen Friendly, No Grains, Gluten, Seeds or Nuts


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  • Manufactured in a dedicated gluten-free facility on shared equipment that uses tree nuts.

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13.00 Ounces

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Best By: January 16, 2021

2 Reviews

  • Posted by Lyndsey on Mar 15th 2020


    Good but...

    The flavor is good. No complaints there. It can easily be made using a tea pot to heat water and pour over. If you're looking to get filled up, it won't happen. This is a light breakfast probably best having as a side to a bigger meal OR by adding additional ingredients. You can definitely feel the coconut in it and taste the cinnamon. If you're already used to not having a sweetener, this hot cereal is just sweet enough.

  • Posted by Elen on Mar 1st 2020



    I have REALLY missed oatmeal on AIP (and let's be real - cauliflower "oatmeal" really doesn't cut it), and this was a true delight to discover. I added a little bit of maple syrup because I like my "oatmeal" slightly sweeter. My only sadness is that it's too expensive for me to buy regularly... so an every once in a long while treat. But however infrequently, totally delicious and totally worth it.