Terra // Sweets Medley made with Avocado Oil 5 oz

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Ingredients: A Blend of Sweet Potatoes (sweet potato, purple sweet potato, batata), Avocado Oil, Sea Salt. View full description



Open up a bag of TERRA Sweets Medley Chips with Sea Salt for a unique and sophisticated snacking experience.
This chip blend features sweet potato, purple sweet potato and batata enhanced with a dash of sea salt.


Product Information:

  • Real vegetable chips made with avocado oil
  • Made with batata, sweet potato & purple sweet potato
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives & gluten-free
  • Kosher certified




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6.00 Ounces

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8 Reviews

  • Posted by Kim on Jul 9th 2021



    Just wonderful. Crispy, tasty and I am so pleased they are AIP Elimination compliant.

  • Posted by Unknown on May 12th 2021


    Sweet potatoes!!!

    I’m giving this a 5 for a few reasons. First, these are the ONLY sweet potato chips that are AIP compliant for elimination. Secondly, they have 3 different types of chips (3 colors) which makes them fun. The only negative is that they are a bit difficult to chew if you have TMJ issues. But I would still get them again. Cuz they are sweet potato and I need a break from plantain chips sometimes. :)

  • Posted by Tea on Apr 12th 2021


    Terra Sweets Medley

    Really good! So glad they make these chips! I went back and bought me several more bags lol

  • Posted by Richard M Robinson on Mar 18th 2021


    Terra Sweets Medley Chips

    In my opinion, the best Terra chips on the market. The only chips Terra makes with avocado oil, to my knowledge.

  • Posted by Ariana Ruiz on Feb 16th 2021


    Enjoyed the best!

    Great flavor, crunch, and variety in one bag.

  • Posted by Candace Worthington on Dec 29th 2020


    Terra Sweets Medley

    Flavorful, crisp, healthy. Win, win, win.

  • Posted by Marjorie Bruno on Dec 28th 2020


    Love this item.

    Fulfills the need to crunch.

  • Posted by Tomesha on May 22nd 2020


    Bet you can't eat just one

    I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious these chips were. They are a great snack or the perfect side dish. Since you can't eat just one I highly recommend that you pair with something else!